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Mariana De Marchi is a multidisciplinary artist from Argentina. She graduated in her country as a National Professor of Drawing and a year later as a National Professor of Sculpture. Mariana has also studied her post graduate work in lithography, wall painting in fresco, ceramics, and graphic arts. She has obtained numerous first prizes, mainly in drawing and painting, and her work has been shown in Argentina, Taiwan, Romany, Italy and USA.

As far as street art is concerned, she has painted several murals in her country, in Venezuela (MOS – Meeting of Styles which was held for the first time in the city of Maracay last year) and in the United States: Memphis, TN in the year 2013 and Boston, MA during last year.

SAUS (Street Art United States) hosted Mariana in Boston while painting the wall pieces for HarborArts.

During her trip to Boston and NY, Mariana and SAUS also collaborate in a FreeArtFriday Project, leaving little women sculptures for free in the streets of the two cities, using the streets as big open galleries.

She is currently a professor in her studio/art gallery space in Argentina.

Among other projects, Mariana finished last year a life-size sculpture of a woman and this year is working on an even bigger sculpture of a metallic man. Both sculptures are going to be display outside the new home/gallery/art studio space in San Isidro, BA. You can check out more of this project clicking here.

Once again the idea is putting the art in a direct dialogue with the people in the streets.

You can check out more of her works and all these projects in her Fbk Page.


Mariana De Marchi es una artista multidisplinaria argentina. Se recibe en su país como Profesora Nacional de Dibujo y un año más tarde como Profesora Nacional de Escultura, aunque continúa también con especializaciones en el área de grabado, pintura mural y artes del fuego.

Ha obtenido numerosos premios y su obra ha sido expuesta en Argentina, Rumania, Estados Unidos, Venezuela, Bosnia y Herzegovina e Italia, entre otros.

Desde 2012 también realiza murales en la vía pública, pintando no sólo en su país natal sino también en ciudades de Estados Unidos como Memphis, TN – Boston, MA y en Venezuela.

Estos últimos años también se abocó a la escultura en gran escala y en distintas técnicas.

Sus trabajos abarcan desde el dibujo, la pintura, el grabado, el muralismo, el arte digital y la ilustración  hasta la joyería y la escultura en múltiples escalas.

Web under constructionCheck back soon 🙂

Volvé prontito 🙂


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