Statement / Fundamento

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Artist statement:

Mariana De Marchi moves between different mediums and techniques as far as visual arts are concerned, from sculpture to painting, drawing, and printmaking to wall painting.

MDM’s works generally move between absurd and introspection. 

Sometimes (not always though) a representation of an ‘inner’ self, a sort of alter ego is used.  This image is not strictly related to how she looks but as how she feels. In a more general way, it could certainly be anyone because the appearance is just an excuse for telling something else; connected with states of mind and spirit, and it’s there when it becomes a symbol. 

About other images, such as the fish or lately the red points …they are mainly absurd/ alien elements that bursts in a context where they are not suppose to be. The human being is always searching for a reason. When there is a lack of the justification that the human reason need, the sensation of ‘no sense’ appears. That sensation moves us to think and to search for significations. Those significations can be as many as people seeing the work, and that would be bound directly to our personal thoughts, ideas and point of views. We could certainly be all staring to an image and that would have different lectures to every person that sees it, no matter what the author’s real explanation could be.

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